Industrial Gearbox Repairs

Industrial gearboxes are used to transmit mechanical energy to an output device. Industrial gearboxes can modify their speed to the requirements needed meaning where necessary it can either slow the rate of rotation or increase the speed.

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There are 6 main types of industrial gearboxes which include:

Coaxial Helical Inline – Coaxial Helical Inline gearbox are well known for their efficiency and quality, they are an ideal option if you wish to carry out heavy-duty applications.

Skew Bevel Helical – Skew Bevel Helical gearboxes can be customized based on the number of teeth and gears you require. They are known for their rigid design and monolithic structure meaning they are suitable for all heavy loads.

Bevel Helical – Bevel Helical Gearboxes are well known for having a curved set of teeth which are located on the cone-shaped surface. These are typically used in the mining industry and quarries.

Helical – A Helical Gearbox is compact and has a low power consumption. The benefits of the Helical gearbox is that it also produces little noise compared to other gearboxes on the market but can still be used in heavy-duty operations such as the construction of cement, rubber and plastics.

Worm Reduction – Worm Reduction Gearboxes rotate similar to a screw-like movement. They cover a large diameter by the worm meshing with the teeth on the peripheral area of the gearbox.

Planetary Gearbox – A Planetary Gearbox is known for its accuracy and precision on each application.  This type of gearbox optimizes performance and increases the lifespan of your equipment.

Over time gearboxes can become worn meaning a replacement or gearbox repair is needed. When an industrial gearbox no longer works or is at the end of its life it may become noisy and non-efficient. Gearbox Repairs are more cost-effective for your company than having to buy a completely new system.

Many gearbox repair companies now offer an on-site repair or collection service so that you do not have to worry about how you are going to transport your industrial gearbox for the repair needed. Once the gearbox repair has been complete you can opt-in for a yearly service. This is a highly recommended service if you wish to get the most out of your gearbox, by cleaning or changing the filters, and changing the oil regularly this prolongs the life of your industrial gearbox meaning fewer repairs will be needed in the future.