Finding Your Engineer

Trusted Trades Man.

Getting things done there and then and at the right price is something we all need to be wary of and if you are a business owner then it’s a service that you need in your locker to make sure you are ahead of the competition.  Look through our helpful hints and tips to ensure that you can make the most out of being ahead of the competition and make your business work efficiently and effectively in times where others are struggling.  Looking around for the best-recommended service providers and repair companies can become a minefield of data and unknown terminology.  The best way to get around all of this is to find someone in the know, be it a friend, colleague or someone you know of and then tells the story about how they managed to resolve a situation by using the aerial man from wood lane or the electrician from Rubery cafe, the guy who parks outside the carpet shop for a windscreen repair…

Internet searches

The best way to get someone recommended and reliable is to talk to those who have used the services before.  So when you want to try and get the best help available.  Ask around and use the internet for things that don’t get answered.  Here on the internet, it is exactly the same as that of on the street when talking to real people.  Find the company you need by typing in the basics to see what results you get…

For example,

“Local aerial fitter”

If you are based in Birmingham  you will probably find search results which are shown in the form of a google maps screen shot. And a few contented search results.  Look through your top ten listings and take those companies and retype their name into Google.

With that you will get a list of articles that include the companies name, Browse through those to see what people are writing about the companies, see if there is any testimonials left to the companies, make your short list then call around.



Please be diligent when calling these people, make sure you have a set amount of questions and you get to ask them and get them answered,  there is always a good salesman that may convince you that their service is the best without even answering the questions you pose to them, ‘don’t worry’ , ‘we have worked on that type of equipment’, ‘we will beat wany other quote’  sentences like the last one always boggle me.  Err how can you be cheaper than anyone else when you don’t know the fault and you haven’t even visited my property to see what needs to be done yet!


Be wary and be sensible and you will hopefully filter the bad companies out…