Graphic Overlays

What are they?

selective focus photography of white water gauge

Graphic Overlays are a hardwearing thin sheet of adhesive plastic to be stuck over a plastic with your print on; this is then attached to a product to give a graphic finish. They function as two labels layered with the top layer being extremely hard wearing. They are laminated on to reduce the chance of the overlay coming off. Most companies who print graphic overlays customise them completely to your specifications, from shape to design to colour, so you can get the perfect design.

Benefits of overlay

The advantages of this printing process are boundless. However, in this blog post, we will be focusing on the appearance and the durability as the very best parts of this fantastic product.


Now the way a graphic overlay looks on your product is probably it’s number one selling point. As mentioned above, they can be completely bespoke to suit your company colours, general branding and follow any design pattern you like. A lot of companies use photographs as these also transfer well onto any piece of machinery. The creative freedom associated with these is second to none.

Furthermore, the rugged and solid look of the overlay also gives the air of durability and strength with your product. The graphics won’t budge so neither will the machinery.


As mentioned above, the appearance is very durable, so boosts consumers trust in the product. However, the appearance is not skin deep; the overlay itself is extremely hard-wearing, so is perfect for any industrial machinery or products that will spend the majority of their life outside.

The overlay material makes sure anything printed to the plastic will last for a long time, keeping your design prominent and fresh looking for a long time. When exposed to the elements, to chemicals, and to constant wear and tear the graphic overlay will stay strong.

So why not check out the fantastic, hard-wearing, good-looking printing process today.