About Us

Selecting a time and date for someone to come and fix your aerial can be easier said than done! Most trades and service industries work on a Monday to Friday basis and getting an appointment for them to come and fix your existing fault, or install new equipment on a weekend is sometimes a minefield!  Having a company you can trust and rely on is a must in any industry, but one which could mean the difference between having a pub full of people regularly or you miss that one game and customers can be fickle!  Off to the next public house they go! In this world of competitiveness and where the margins between achieving and failing Is highlighted by the expectation and demand in being able to provide a guaranteed service, getting your support team in place is essential. This is why we recommend you get a reliable support team and make sure that anything that could possibly go wrong in your field of entertainment and services, should be covered by a good aftercare team. Look through our pages and find the support team you always needed without knowing it for your digital aerial and satellite solutions, installations and maintenance services.