Tips on how to use wine for cooking

WineDo you know that cooking with wine can bring additional flavour to the food that you are preparing? When it is heated to boiling point the sulphates and alcohol that the wine contains is usually cooked off leaving a very tasty aroma. The good thing about it is that you can use any type of wine in cooking and still get amazing food. It can be used as a flavour, marinade or as an alternative cooking liquid. So are you planning to use wine in cooking but you don’t know how go about it? If yes then below are tips on how to use wine for cooking.

1. Only use a wine that you can drink.

The first very important thing to note, is that you should only use a taste that you can drink. Don’t use one that you have never tasted in cooking because you may end up preparing food that you will don’t like.

2. Consider the wine quantity.

When using a distinct flavour to cook with your favourite meal, it is very important to pay close attention on the amount that you use. If you use very small amount, then you will not getting the flavour that you wanted. On the other hand if you use too much then you may end up destroying the flavour. Experts recommend that you should start with small amount then add gradually until you attain the desired flavour.

3. Don’t add water when you use wine.

When preparing your food, it is advised that you should not add water. This is because wine will perform the function that water will and that is providing moisture. Using them at the same time will weaken the flavour.

4. Marinate before you cook.

If you are using it as  a marinade, it is advised that you should marinate the food before you cook. Wine can only marinate food if it is at room temperature.